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It’s been four years since Jennifer Castle released a full-length album, the Polaris short-listed record?Pink City. In just under a month, the Toronto artist will share the follow-up album titled Angels of Death.?The album was recorded in an old church near the shores of Lake Erie where her family lived and promises to have songs about writing, time travel and spectral visitations according to a press release.

The new video for “Texas”, directed by Davida Nemeroff, gives a preview of this direction with some extra desert flare.?Featuring free-flowing and improvised dancing, guitar playing and dog hangouts in the desert, Castle brings the influences of the new song to life.

Jennifer Castle was also announced as one of the artists playing SappyFest 13 in August. Angels of Death is available?via Idée Fixe Records?on May 18.

Press photo by Cash Honey